About Phillip Power

Phillip is an American nature and wildlife photographer. A Nebraska native, his love for nature and wildlife stemmed largely from his father, who instilled a sense of conservational duty at a young age. As a family, their summer vacations were to national parks in the Western half of the North America: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier and Grand Teton, to name a few. The breathtaking views and close encounters with wildlife left lasting impressions on Phillip, that he would later try to capture in his photography.

The great Tom Mengelsen and the eccentric Joel Sartore are two Nebraskan photographers that Phillip has looked up to and derived much of his inspiration. Another Nebraskan photographer that is not as well known, but to Phillip, no less profound, is his father. He is responsible for fostering Phillip's passion for photography, as well as being his primary instructor.

Phillip is currently living in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife and two sons. His day job is working as an engineer making clinical dyes for cancer imaging.